Are we going to see an Apple television panel soon?

A Mac Mini as a home theater PCImage via Wikipedia

That Apple rumor is back. I’m not talking about the alleged Apple tablet.

We’re talking about an Apple television set.

The reality is that no one knows but it’s fun to think about.

So in that spirit, here’s what I want in my future Apple television

1 – Make it beautiful. I have no doubt it would look great. Right now we have a Pioneer Elite plasma in our family room. Yes, it’s a fine tv. But Apple could make a much beter looking physical device. The iPhone and MacBook Pros are a work of art. I’m thinking a future apple television set would be super thin and built beautifully. How about a 50 or 60" OLED? It’s not possible with the current manufacturing processing technology/limitations but a boy can dream right? .

2 – iSight camera. We have a Mac Mini connected to our Pioneer HDTV. But we don’t have iSight camera hooked up. It would be awesome if it was integrated in the monitor itself.

3 – Less is more. I don’t want anything I don’t need or want. Please don’t include tuners, speakers, cablecards, blue ray or any of those legacy video input sources. Just give me a few HDMI inputs and that’s it. Maybe an SD memory slot. I just want the perfect compliment to the MacMini in our family room. That’s it.

4 – Open.  It should be open like my Mac Mini is today. I would never buy it if it’s closed. Support for multiple media players and codecs is a must.

5 – Networking. It’s gotta have ethernet and wifi.

I’m sure I’m missing some cool stuff. Feel free of course to add away !