The Tumblr music scene

Earlier today Fred wrote about MySpace music and how many artists are now blogging and taking control over their websites.

As a timely example, here is Ben Kweller’s tweet from just a few moments ago.

i wanna meet a professional web programmer! im talkin’ hardcore back-end e-commerce, user login, databasing shit. not just css/html. hit me!

It’s exciting to see more artists take control and move to Tumblr.

When I first switched to Tumblr in 2007 it was prior to our original investment in the company. Initially I was drawn to the simplicity and power of the platform.

But very quickly the music scene became one of my favorite things about the service. Tumblr users are passionate about music.

Tumblr has a built in constraint when it comes to music sharing. One song per day. That’s it. I think that simple constraint actually provides a terrific filter. We get one shot a day. Let’s make it a good one. I know I try to do that.

Check out these Tumblr powered sites when you get a moment. They share some amazing music.

Fred Wilson

Anthony Volodkin


New Speedway Boogie (aka Andy Weissman)


Mo Koyfman

Daryn Nakhuda

Dan Kantor (founder of Streampad which powers


David Noel

Lindsay Campbell (Lindsay gets an honorable mention here. She doesn’t share music as often as the other folks on this list but when she does it’s always great. maybe this post will even encourage her to share more tunes :).

Update: I forgot to include Dave Hyndman in this list. My bad.