The most helpful iPhone app on vacation so far

We’ve been on the cape since Saturday.

Lauren and I both have iphones. They have come in handy on our vacation for a variety of useful and fun things.

But the most helpful app so far was Flashlight.

Let me explain.

Last night we went into Provincetown. We had dinner at our favorite place, Cafe Edwige.

Just as dessert arrived the lights when out. The restaurant and as it turns out all of p-town lost power for about 20 minutes. But we didn’t know how long the blackout would last.

Five minutes into the blackout, the restaurant was dark except for a single candle at each table. Lauren had to use the restroom and she wasn’t sure what she was going to do.

Then she remembered she had Flashlight installed. Presto, she fired up the app and it worked like a charm.

In fact it worked out so well that another woman at the restaurant borrowed Lauren’s iphone so she could make her way to the bathroom too :)

Now that the power is back and life is normal, our main killer apps are back to their rightful role. Twitter, camera, sms, tumblr and foursquare.

But at that one moment it was nice to have a light!