A new walk down memory lane

Last night we went to see David Wilcox play in Harvard Square.

I’ve been into David’s music since my early days of college. Up until then the only folk musician I really liked was Dylan and Billy Bragg.

But there was something about the lyrics in those songs at the time. Many of them spoke right to me. At the time I was 19 and had no idea what the world was about. No idea what I wanted to do. I questioned everything and got only a few answers. By then I had a couple of relationships that weren’t positive either.

David’s early songs were pensive, wandering, sad, hopeful but there were signs of a broken heart and a guy that didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin.

A few more years and a couple of albums later and it was clear we were both making some progress :)

So last night we went to see his show. David now has a 16yr old and a marriage that shines out of him. His new songs are much more positive and optimistic. But there is still a hint of a guy that is searching but at the same time thankful for the moment