We have been loyal Sonos users since late 2006.

We originally purchased Sonos to stream mp3s from our server throughout the house. Over the past year they have released a number of updates including support for Rhapsody, Napster and

The strength of Sonos is really the ease of installation of a multiroom sound system. It just works. (I think it’s overkill if you only want audio in one room. It’s also not inexpensive). I would say the original Sonos remote control was probably the weakest link though.

Last fall, Sonos shipped an iPhone app. The touch screen interface made the app a joy to use.

Earlier this week, the kind folks at Sonos sent me their latest controller. It’s a color, touch screen controller with dedicated buttons. Adding it to my home system was a breeze. This remote is awesome. It’s even better than the iphone app. Navigation, search, zones, everything is easier.

I just fell in love with our Sonos system all over again.

Next on my wish list: it would be wonderful if Sonos went open source or created an SDK/API. Imagine if you could build apps for it. I’d love this controller to work with Boxee for starters.

That would be dreamy.