The parenting balancing act.

Parenthood is wonderful and it’s also really hard.

I’m not even talking about the physically exhausting part.

I’m talking about the times where it’s really not clear what the right answer is.

Lauren and I are constantly trying to figure out the balance of tough love vs freedom to make their own decisions and mistakes.

The balance between spoiling them and giving them things because we want to.

The balance between exposing them to new things vs overexposure.

The balance between work and family life.

Talking to other parents often helps. But every kid is different. Or at least I feel that way. So a lot of times we go with our gut.

We don’t pretend that we have it all figured out. And we are calling audibles quite a bit these days as much as I want to call a tv-time out.

At the end of the day, i feel good that we trying our best and that we are very lucky with these three kiddies.