Last night show: Conor Oberst & Wilco

Last night, Lauren and I went to the Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band and Wilco show.

They were two different shows in many ways.

The crowd was definately more of a Wilco scene that Conor Oberst scene.

But I gotta tell you. I thought Conor Oberst was better. That is probably going to be blasphemy to a lot of Wilco fans out there. Sorry about that.

But Conor rocked it. His new band live is much better live than the studio recording of “Outer South”. He played a bunch of older stuff (NYC Gone Gone, I don’t want to die, eagle on a pole) and a lot from the new record which was great.

Jeff Tweedy and the guys played a mix of old & new as well. I love their older songs and mostly agree with @dougw about the last album. But they rocked out as well. Jeff looked happy.

It also rained in the middle of Wilco’s set and it was sunny during Conor Oberst’s set. And that about sums up the show for us.

Oh, one more thing. The show was at the Lowell LeLacheur Park (a good 45 minutes outside of Boston). I’m sure it’s fine to see a ballgame there but it’s a pretty bad venue for bands in my opinion. Lauren wondered why they ended up playing there instead of somewhere in Boston or Cambridge. I’m wondering the same thing.

I Got A Reason – Conor Oberst (via hype machine)

(photo from kanghaskan on flickr)