Hat tip to Dave Winer

Back in early 2007, I was itching for a way to automatically tweet links to my photos on Flickr.

A few months later, Dave Winer wrote a web service called Flickr-to-Twitter. Dave was nice enough to give me access back then and I wrote about it at the time. And for the past two years, that’s how I’ve been posting flickr links to Twitter for the most part.

Since then a number of 3rd party apps have emerged to post photo links on Twitter. Many of them are fantastic. Simple & fast.

Earlier this week, Flickr announced that they had officially integrated with Twitter. It provides much of the same functionality as Dave’s original application with some additional bells & whistles.

It’s terrific that Yahoo built this into Flickr. It will help many users tie together two great products in a simple way.

But right now I’d like to say thanks to Dave for building his app. I appreciated it then and I appreciate it now.