Big Boxee News

There is an event happening right now in San Francisco. It’s the Boxee SF meetup and you can watch it live here. The NYC Boxee meetup attracted nearly 800 people. It will be interesting to see how many people show up in SF.

There are a number of things planned for tonight. Here are a few of them.

Boxee App Store

Avner and the Boxee team are going to share a bunch of things at the meetup including the results of the Boxee Dev Challenge. The apps from the developer community have been incredible.

Boxee does Windows

To date, Boxee has been available for Linux and MacOS users. Tonight the Windows release goes into public alpha as well. From now on the Mac, Linux and Windows version should remain in sync. Thats good news for many Window users that have been waiting to try out Boxee.


After the last board meeting, Avner showed me a version of MLB.TV Premium running on Boxee that they were working on. Tonight, thanks to a partnership with MLB, Boxee users can watch thousands of baseball games live and in HD along with DVR functionality and in game highlights. That is very cool – especially for someone like me (yankee fan living in boston!).


I love this one. You can stream music and watch photos from the people you follow on Tumblr on Boxee. Tumblr on the big screen…oh yeah!

The Boxee team (around 10 employees) have been working like crazy to get this release out the door. I’m blown away with their talent, ambition & drive.

Nicely done!

(update: TechCrunch covers the update as well here)