Kindle vs Kindle

I don’t own a Kindle. I’ve tried the original Kindle and l also played with my friends Kindle DX.

I just don’t want to carry around another separate device. It just not for me.

Last week my friend Stu told me to download the Kindle app for iPhone. I did it at the time but I thought I’d never want to read an actual book on the iPhone.

Also at Stu’s recommendation I purchased Ultimatum by Matthew Glass and have been reading it with the Kindle iPhone app. It’s fantastic (and a great story too).

Sure the screen is small but it’s always with me which means I can “snack read” anytime and anywhere I want. It’s a completely new experience in reading books for me.

I’m sure many people think this is insane. The Kindle screen vs iPhone screen may seem like a no brainer.

but this reminds me of the same reason I end up using the (crappy) camera on the iPhone more than my Canon 40d. The iPhone is just way more conveninent even though the Canon takes beautiful photos.

The choice is clear for me.