Two ways to plan a trip to Paris

By next spring, lauren and I will be married for 15 years

Why am bringing it up now? Well we decided that for our 15th anniversary we are going to Paris for a week without the kids.

In my mind I’m looking forward to that trip – but its still far off. So I’ve only thought about what particular week will work. As we get closer (ie next year) I’ll do more research on places to stay, places to eat and things that we need to do while we are in Paris. And i’m sure much of that research is going to take place on blogs, twitter, google and facebook.

On the other hand, Lauren has already started. She saw the book Hungry for Paris: The Ultimate Guide to the City’s 102 Best Restaurants in a local bookstore the other day and ordered it on amazon. It arrived on friday and she’s been tearing thru it and scribbling notes in the margin and smiling.

How’s that for contrast. She: analog. Me: digital.

Whatever it is, that contrast has been working for us all these years.