iPhone outsold by the Blackberry Curve? – yeah but that’s not the important part

The blogs are buzzing with the news that for the first quarter the Blackberry Curve outsold the Apple iPhone according to NPD Research.

I read it first on Techmeme and clicked through to a number of posts on the subject. All of them citing the NPD research.

There is no doubt that the Blackberry is a mighty fine device but total units isn’t the important thing in my view. Few things to consider:

1 – The Blackberry Curve is available on every single carrier in the United States. Verizon (biggest US carrier) had a buy one-get one promotion. It would be an absolute shocker if the iPhone, available only on AT&T, exceeded the Curve

2 – The Blackberry App World is still lacking big time in my experience. Both in UX and apps. RIMM needs to get developer attention. That’s critical.

3 – iPhone 3.0 OS, which I’ve been using in beta, is going to hurt RIMM. Copy & paste, search and horizontal keyboard is a big improvement and will win over plenty of bberry users.