Decided to make my kids photos private by default

I’ve been publicly sharing photos online since 1999 when my first daughter was born.

I was so proud that I wanted the world to know when she first smiled, sat up, first started to crawl, talk, walk, ride a bike, etc. Same was true for my next two kids.

Ten years later and I have over 6k photos on Flickr. The vast majority of them are of my kids or family members. And with a couple of rare exceptions, the default setting is public mode.

But something changed lately for me. Maybe it was one extra person I didn’t know that decided to favorite my kid on Flickr. Or maybe I’m just getting more sensative. I really don’t know.

So this evening I changed the privacy settings on the kids photos on Flickr to private and only viewable to my family and close friends.

Some of my close friends won’t be able to see photos of my kids and that’s not the intention. So if you are a close friend and want access then please email me and I’ll send you a flickr invite to our online photos.

I’ll still occasionally post a public photo of the kids.

But, for now, the default mode for the kids is private.