A few notes about our nyc vacation

We spent Thursday-Saturday in NYC as a family. It was supposed to start on Wednesday but one of our kids was sick Tuesday night but fortunately got better by Thursday morning. (thanks to joanne & fred for having me over Wed night dinner. it was fun hanging out).

First, of all, people in nyc are incredibly nice. people went out of their way to chat with us, or the kids. We got tons of awesome recommendations. We followed many things on joanne’s list and hit a few other things too. 

Few highlights from the trip:

Food. We ate at some great places. Breakfast at Cafe Cluny’s in the west village was great. Loved their egg & avocado sandwich. I need to get there more. We also hit Pastis which is across the street from the hotel we stayed at. Love that place. Dinners at Momofuku (east village) & Blue Ribbon (soho) were awesome.

Scene. My daughters loved the scene around the meat market district. there was a photo shoot one day and the kids were digging the photographers and models. 

Parks. We walked everywhere in the city. We stayed exclusively in the meat market district, west village, chelsea & east village. And we hit many playgrounds along the way. Favorites were the Hudson River Park and Tompkins Square Park. The last time I went to Tompkins Square park was probably 20 years ago before or after seeing a show at CBGBs. Nothing like taking your kids to an old stomping ground.

Family. My parents came from long island to have dinner with us Friday night. I’m not sure my folks love the city that much but I’m glad they came in. I know we all loved grabbing gelato at Grom’s ;)

Mobile. I took a bunch of pix with iphone. Wish I took more. Twittered my way around the city and searched for a bunch of things with Tweetie which came in handy. Unfortunately Yelp on my iPhone didn’t work. That app broke after I installed iPhone OS 3.0 beta. The only casualty after my upgrade. but a big one. 

Heat. The weather was terrific and wonderful for our long walks. Saturday was really hot but we cooled off at the pool. The roof deck pool scene was funny. It was all 20-somethings and then us and our 3 kids. They seemed to get a kick out of our kids or at least I’m telling myself that :)

It was so great hanging in the city just for fun. Even though I get to nyc almost every week these days, it’s usually short and packed with work stuff. 

A fine (but short) family vacation. I needed it.

Thanks New York. See you soon.