Flash coming to your big screen? Don’t wait – get it now.

The number one story on Techmeme right now is Adobe’s upcoming plans to come out with an optimized version of Flash for set top boxes and televisions.

It’s a great idea and has tremendous opportunity and possibilities for consumers, advertisers, content owners and developers.

Maybe I missed it but I dont’ think any of the posts on Techmeme mention that Adobe has been talking and working on this for at least 10 years.

So why hasn’t it happened yet?

First, not too many folks wanted a stripped down version of Flash. We want the real thing. Second, the current crop of set tops from your cable and telco have crappy processors and memory. And the life cycle for televisions is too long.

The reality is that you can get Flash on your television right now. Just find an old Mac or PC (or buy a new Dell for $350) and install Boxee.

That’s what I did. Now in addition to Flash support, I have the best TV browser that I can use with any remote control (including the $20 apple remote). Plus its open source and can support a large number of formats beyond Flash.

I love Flash. But your don’t have to wait.

(disclosure: we are investors in Boxee and I’m on their board).