I want my company back!

Last week we heard that the founders of Skype are putting together a financing to buy back their company from eBay.

And yestesterday the founders of StumbleUpon announced they had bought their company back from eBay after they sold it nearly two years ago.

I love the fact that the founders are so passionate about their product & company even after a successful sale of the business. It’s not just about the money. They have a vision and want the company reach it’s fullest potential. It’s in their guts.

Yesterday, my friend Eric Marcouiller offered this tweet that we should try and buy back his company MyBlogLog which Yahoo bought back in 2007. I loved that product and was dying to invest in the comany before the sale. But now the all three founders have moved on from Yahoo. Yahoo never really allowed that product to meet it’s fullest potential which is a total bummer.

There are other examples as well. The founder of Dodgeball after selling to Google left and recently created FourSquare which is essentially Dodgeball on steroids. It’s well known that the Dodgeball founders were upset with Google’s handling of the product post acquisition.

I’ve been saying for some time now that this is the perfect time to start a company. Maybe it’s also the perfect time to buy your company back too!