While my blackberry trackball is stuck

I’ve been carrying around two devices since the end of December.

My main squeeze is the Blackberry.

And I’ve been using the iPhone essentially as a glorified iPod and as a portable browser.

A few days ago, the trackball on my Blackberry became stuck. I tried pushing it down, shaking it, singing to it and threatening it. No joy.

It’s an unlocked Tmo BB 8900 that I’m running on the AT&T network. I wonder if AT&T will even help me with it. Hmmm.

So I’m back to using my iPhone as my main squeeze for the last few days.

Some observations:

1 – The camera on the 8900 is better than the iphone. I already miss it. But looking at photos on the iphone is dreamy. Last night we went to a friends surprise 40th bday party. It was fun showing off my kids photos on the iPhone.

2 – My kids always grab my iphone to play games. My fault I know. But it drains the battery really fast.

3 – Does the iPhone have autotext (vs autospell). For example I’ve got my blackberry set up so when I type in “xx” it automatically converts that to my mobile phone number. I’ve got about a half a dozen of such shortcuts on blackberry. any ideas?

4 – I love using the Boxee iPhone app.

5 – Just downloaded Runkeeper on my iphone. went for a 4mile run this morning. it worked great.

6 – I can’t believe that you can’t do an email search on the iphone. my work around is to have all my work email sent to bijan AT sparkcapital dot com also forwarded to gmail. If I need to find a specific email I goto gmail on the iphone and do a search there. Clunky but at least it works.

7. Yelp on the iphone is simply stunning. Its exhausting on the blackberry.

8. I’ve got the blackberry set up to remain in silent mode when receiving tweets via sms. But it vibrates when I receive a txt from friends/family/close colleagues. I can’t do that on the iphone.

9 – I like how iPhone deals with calender invites better than the blackberry.

I’m missing the blackberry and will need to get it fixed. But I will definitely give the iPhone another try as my primary machine when iphone 3.0 OS comes out this summer.