Back in the bay area – some habits never go away I guess

I spent the day in Palo Alto yesterday.

Even though I left in 2001, I realized that I’m a creature of habbit every time I come back here.

1. I always call my friend Naveen to see if he’s around for a coffee or dinner.

2. I always goto the Coupa Cafe. Often I’ll get the spicy hot chocolate or the decaf skim cappucino. I always notice that there are 10x more Macs that PCs in that place.

3. If I have an extra few minutes (like I did yesterday) I walk over to Lytton and Bryant to see the old WebTV office. Lots of memories come back every time.

4. I still can’t believe they put a Cheesecake Factory on University Avenue. Just bugs me. sorry.

5. I manage to bump into someone I know each time. Yesterday I saw my friend Brett Bullington and his daughter. that was a nice surprise to say hello and catch up a bit.

6. I love how people don’t jaywalk much here. Lauren and I noticed it the day we first moved to the bay area and I notice it every time still.

7. At some point, during my stay I point my browser to I dont’ do this at home but I do when I’m here. Always have and probably always will.

8. There is something about the air here. It’s different. and i notice. every time.

9. i miss Torrefazione.

10. i tune into kfog.

I’ll be in San Francisco just for the today before taking the red eye home to Boston tonight.

I have a bunch of meetings but time permitting I’ve got a few places to see to take care of my OCD old habits here too :)