The question that users, my kids and VCs ask all the time

Most kids (including mine) are well known for asking the famous question:

“Are we there yet?”

Kids aren’t very patient. When we drive from Boston to NYC they will ask this question 10 minutes into the trip. Everytime. Just like clockwork.

VCs ask this question too. Founders tell us all about the new stuff coming down the road and we can’t wait to see it.

Users of consumer products are the same way. We know these apps and services can do more. We expect more. We want them to get better and do crazy cool stuff. When is the next release!!!!

A recent and perfect example is the new iPhone 3.0 OS announcement yesterday. Some will love the new release and appreicate the slew of new features.

Others will say ask (complain) why did it take so long for Apple to ship copy & paste.

To some extent all of this is quite normal.

But I think we need to sometimes catch our breath. These things are harder than it looks

(Especially driving from boston to nyc with 3 kids and a dog :)