A healthy sense of urgency

Last month I turned 40.

Next month my oldest daughter will turn 10.

In a few years she is going to be a teenager and I’m not sure what parenting a teenager will be like. And in a bunch of years after that she could very well be off to college and/or leave our house. I have no idea what that is like either.

This parenting thing is all going much too fast for me and it hit me hard yesterday for some reason in particular.

Last week a friend of mine over dinner told me that teenage years is when kids begin their road to independence. Before those teenager years is when you have the chance, the opportunity, to come together. Essentially by the teenage years…it’s too late to build the key parts of those relationships.

That makes complete sense to me.

So it might be easier to convince myself that i’m years away from having to worry about those teenage years.

But instead I’m feeling a healthy sense of urgency. and I’m determined to build the best relationship that I can with these 3 kiddos. Lots more to learn.