Random thoughts from the beach

Well with just a day left to our vacation in paradise I thought I’d jot down some random thoughts.

  1. I haven’t used my macbook all week. I’m sure the kids will use it on the flight home tomorrow but I honestly haven’t missed it. I’ve been able to do everything I wanted to do on my blackberry. My friend dave winer has been on the leading edge of the netbook role but after this week I’m not so sure.
  2. I don’t use a rss reader anymore on the mac but logged back into my old google reader on my blackberry earlier this week. After a day I bailed on that too. Its just too clunky and too much stuff I won’t read. I get everything I need from folks I follow on twitter and from m.techmeme.

  3. I’m noticing more tweets from my people I follow originating from the new tumblr dashboard. I’m looking forward to hearing if its having an impact on tumblrs traffic in a month or so.

  4. I’ve tweeted about this a bunch of times this week but the camera on this bb8900 is wonderful. My brother told me its better than the iphone. For some it may not be enough but it makes me happy.

  5. I need to drop more hints to get tumblr dashboard working on the blackberry browser :)

  6. Most of the folks at Spark have been on twitter for awhile. We now have a twitter account set up for our company news @sparkcapital. But the newest addition to the twitter family at spark is my partner todd. He just started and he’s on a roll. You can follow him here

  7. The coffee here in mexico is amazing. I’ve been on a green tea kick for some time but that is now officially over.

  8. I am disappointed with the current Hulu decision regarding Boxee. Head over to the Boxee blog to read up on the latest. Avner tells me there are over 400 comments as of this morning. I’m hoping its a temporary setback for our users and hulu users. But there is still plenty of stuff to love with Boxee from a variety of big name and small name content partners. And more exciting things coming.

  9. Watching my nearly (3) year old boy pick up so many spanish words in just a week has been amazing. At some point we are going to have spend more time abroad.

  10. the feedback about TechStars Boston has been superb. I’ll write up a full post on that next week. Pls apply now and/or spread the word. Thanks!.

(Disclaimer: pls excuse any typos and poor writing. Write this post on my blackberry using markdown).