Lauren’s thoughts on the Kindle

My wife lauren is a voracious reader. She’ll read at least a book a week. Sometimes she’ll read a few books in parallel.

And even though she is having fun with her tweets and iphone, she isn’t an early adopter of new technology. Lauren watches me configure, play with, evaluate and maintain new technology at home and often wonders why I do it.

I didn’t even try to buy her the Kindle when it first came out. I’ve known her too long to try a 1st gen product out on her.

The other day I noticed the growing pile of books on the nightstand next to her side of the bed. I told her about the next kindle 2.

Her reaction? No interest whatsoever.

The feel for the pages is a big part of her experience. I get that even thought I don’t read as often. But that sentiment resonates with me as I’m loving my new trip down vinyl record lane. The feel of the record, the linear notes, the album cover. There is much to be said about analog.

But the other thing for her is that reading is about getting into a zone, into another world and simply enjoying. Its not about improved efficiency or anything like that. Why deal with a (real or perceived) hassle, ie keeping it charged, dealing with bugs or screen defects that one day might appear.

I don’t know if that view resonates with other bigtime readers. My oldest daughter is serious reader just like her mom.

I wonder what she will think of the Kindle.

(Disclaimer: pls excuse typos. Wrote this on my blackberry)