The Best Way To Use Twitter?

I’m seeing a lot of tweets about the new version of twirl. It sounds very promising. Some people say its the best way to use twitter while tweetdeck loyalists don’t agree.

As I look at my friends tweets I see a wide range of applications. As the time of this post, amongst my friends last 20 tweets in my timeline, I see twitterberry, twitterfon, twitterfeed, tweetie, web, txt, twhirl, tweetdeck, twitteriffic, tweetree and power twitter.

My personal favorite turns out to be sms.

Its clear to me after using twitter for the past 20 months or so that there isn’t anything that can be defined as the best way to twitter.

And that makes me pretty happy actually.

I’m glad there are so many choices for twitter users – because clearly one size does not fit all.

You can find me twittering away @bijan