My wish list for the future Blackberry App Store

Late last year, I switched back to a trustt blackberry. My iphone 3g is taking a back seat to the Blackberry Bold for now.

The Bold does so many things right. But its missing some apps. I can’t wait for the Blackberry App Store to open up. I’m so happy to hear they have started accepting applications.

Here are the apps I’m hoping show up at launch:

1 – Twitter. I want an app as good as Tweetie for the iphone. Clean UI and fast. Right now I’m using SMS and Dabr which is a mobile web site. The perfect app would include Twitter search with the ability to save search like the iphone app Summizer.

2. I never liked on the iphone. The app itself was great but the iphone doesn’t let apps run in the background. That doesn’t work for streaming audio. I hope builds a killer app for the blackberry. It would be perfect in the car and at the gym.

3. Hype Machine. I know Anthony at the Hype Machine carries a blackberry. I know this is far fetched but a blackberry hype machine app would be awesome.

4. Shazam. I miss this one. I used it several times a week on the iphone.

5. Tumblr. In my opinion the best Tumblr app on the iphone is Tumblrette. I’d love a version for the blackberry.  

6. Games. I need some great games for my kids. They haven’t forgiven me for making the switch back :)