Early Adopters

Last month I wrote a post called Positive Early Adopters.

At the time, I tried to clarify or illustrate the difference between positive early adopters and negative early adopters. There is nothing better than an active, passionate community of early adopters. In many ways they are more important than anything and more important than spending time thinking about “going mainstream”.

The (positive) early adopters are the pathway. They show the way.

Last week Gillian Regan from The New York Observer reached out to me. She said she was doing a story about early adopters and saw my post. We talked a bunch of the importance of early adopters. Some of that chat made her column It’s Geek to You, but Not to Them: Meet the Early Adopters which came out today. I’m glad she used my Tumblr example and FriendFeed example for the story. 

I think it’s sometimes easy for us early adopters to get pegged as small and not mainstream. 

But I think that is changing. In a positive way.

(photo via Flickr)