Thinking about tv navigation

Its no secret that one big feature missing from Boxee right now is search. Its a key part of navigation on the web and the same will be true with tv.

In the future users should be able to search across a wide range of services and data.

I’d love to search for an artist like “bright eyes” and see content from my music collection, flickr, mtv and who know maybe a clip from when Conor was on the letterman show. I think we will see search from the Boxee team at some point.

Until then I’m finding something quite revealing with the current Boxee social experience. I can see what my friends are watching and enjoying because they can recommend content inside the service or they can tweet about a show or song with one click from your remote control.

With boxee tv is social and this type of interaction is letting me see what my friends are watching right now.

take last night for example. My partner santo was watching a bunch of stuff on boxee. And he was sending twitter updates as he discovered great stuff or wanted to make recommendations. Check out his recent tweets here.

That’s a simple experience and a simple start. But its a powerful beginning of how navigation is going to happen for tv.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this post in a hurry on my blackberry bold and markdown. So forgive any poor grammar and typos.)