Thinking about comments

It’s interesting to me that the quality of comments can be so different depending on the site.

For example, the comments on YouTube can be awful. I’m not sure why that is but there is so much nastiness at times over there.

Yet other places, like Vimeo & Flickr, comments are either entertaining, informative or supportive.

The same is true for the blogs I read regularly. 

And its very much true on my blog. I love your comments. Sometimes they are supportive. Other times they can challenge my view and very often I learn a ton.

Yesterday there was a great discussion between Brad Feld and Steve Kane on my post about patents. It was fantastic and I learned a lot.

The thing that needs to be improved is getting more visibility to those that write comments. That post was about 5 days old. But the action happened yesterday. I’d bet most people who read this blog didn’t see that conversation take place.

The other form of comments happening on this blog is in the form of Tumblr’s own notes. Sometimes one of my posts will get reblogged a lot and folks will add their thoughts to my post as they reblog them. Or they will just use the Tumblr “like” gesture. I love that too.

Reblogs, notes and comments. They are a big part of whats happening with my favorite social places online.

I’m looking forward to seeing them all grow and evolve this year.