The Twitter API

I’m enjoying two new Twitter products.

And the most powerful part is that the Twitter didn’t have develop them. They came from 3rd parties using their own creativity + Twitter API.


I’m using a Blackberry Bold these days and I’m not a huge fan of any of the existing twitter clients for the blackberry. Dabr is mobile web interface to Twitter. It’s clean and fast. It’s just what I needed. I use SMS for a subset of the folks I follow on Twitter and for everyone else I’m now tuned easier thanks to Dabr.


There are tons of Twitter apps that you can run on your Mac or PC these days. Tweetree isn’t an app but it’s a new web interface to Twitter. Some folks will like that Tweetree brings in Flickr, YouTube and other rich media into the Twitter timeline.

I really like how they put Twitter Search front and center at the top of the page. I’m not sure that threaded conversations are there just yet in the service.

* * *

The Twitter API is something special. Brad Feld calls Twitter the master of the API. I’m not sure I’m supposed to disclose the actual number of API requests per week but I can tell you that it’s an enormous number.

And that API is a big part of whats happening with Twitter.