Mobile Payments & A Good Cause

Some people saw my recent tweet and asked me what it meant

Picture 2

There are two things to going on here.

First, Cambridge-based TipJoy has developed a super easy, lightweight to send mobile payments on Twitter. Simply enter the following into Twitter:

“pay $x @twitterusername”

And that’s it. You will have sent the other Twitter user a payment.

I can see a lot of ways people can use TipJoy and Twitter together. So far I’ve received a few dollars from my friends John Borthwick and Andy Weissmen as a kind gesture. That’s great.

I’ve started doing a few Twitter polls and trivia. Maybe I’ll start using TipJoy for the various winners of my fun trivia tweets. Classifieds on Twitter also seem like a natural.

Another way people are using Tipjoy is for a good cause. That’s the second thing going with my above tweet. @wellwishes was started by Laura Fitton. She is asking fellow Twitter users to contribute for a very good cause – clean water for children. Read the full post here.

So far over $1,300 has been raised. Sign up for Tipjoy and make a donation today!