How to get Netflix working on Boxee

The response to the new Boxee update supporting Netflix has been fantastic.

I think it’s a great combo. I watched a movie last night. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen this recommendation at the time.

But several of folks have sent me an email asking exactly how to set it up.

Here are the steps:

0. If you aren’t already a Boxee user, then drop me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get you an invite

1. Make sure you Mac has Microsoft Silverlight installed.

2. Log into Boxee, download & install the latest version

3. Goto your browser and login to Boxee and scroll down and follow the steps to authorize Boxee to access your Netflix account

4. Then launch Boxee, select “Video” on the left nav bar, select  “Internet Sources” and then you will see Netflix appear in addition to MTV, Hulu, CBS, NextNewNetworks, etc.

5. For the first time, when you choose Netflix in Boxee, you will need to enter your Netflix username and password. You only have to do this step once.

Keep in mind that all of this will get easier to use as the software is still in alpha.

That’s one of the main reasons it’s still invite-only mode.