New version of Boxee now supports Netflix and more

Boxee released a new version of their app today for MacOS.

It’s a big one. Lots of enhancements to Hulu support, better Flickr & Picassa support and more.

But the most exciting thing is that you can now stream movies from Netflix with Boxee. That was the biggest feature request in Boxee’s recent user poll and these team jumped on it.

With the new Boxee release you can play from your Netflix queue, add to your queue, see recommendations, new releases, check out this weeks favorites, browse the entire library by genre and search.

To use the new version of Boxee you will need a Mac. Unfortunately the new release doesn’t work with AppleTV at this time.

For all the details about this release check out Avner’s post on the Boxee blog. Also take a look on Fred’s blog and watch a recent interview Avner did with Tech Confidential. It’s a good one.