The other G1

I’ve blogged & tweeted a bunch about the Tmobile G1 powered by Android.

My dad just picked up a different G1. It’s the new Panasonic DMC G1. My brother has a link on his blog of a review of this new camera.

It takes great photos. Here’s my dog Jackson. Shot in low light, ISO 400.

For the past year, I’ve been using three cameras. For serious photography, I use my Canon EOS 40D. For everything else I use the iPhone. I still have a compact Canon SD800is that I use from time to time. Especially when I’m on the run and I know I’m going to need a flash. Lauren uses it more than me at this point.

The Panasonic G1 won’t replace my 40d and it’s too big for every day use.

At least for me. 

But it’s still a fine camera if you don’t want a big DSLR. My dad really likes it and he’s a big time shutterbug.

It also comes with a big, beautiful flip out LCD.