Sentimental Streaming

I’ve got three kids.

Lauren and I have a sort of a ritual on the kids birthdays

After they goto bed, we take a look at older photos of the kids and see how much and how fast they’ve grown.

We also look at home videos of the kids from years gone by.

It’s a great feeling. I love watching these videos

But home videos have a long way to go.

Capturing video was always hard. But the equipment is getting better, cheaper and less complicated. The new FlipHD looks promising. That’s a good sign of things to come. Editing is easy with tools like iMovie but still very time consuming. 

And getting that video on your big screen isn’t easy…yet. Import HD video from a camcorder on your home server and try to stream it on your big screen. How do you do that?

Well you could buy a MacMini and use FrontRow. Or you could use AppleTV.

But you gotta make sure you transcode your home videos to a format that Apple supports. I do that in our family but it’s a hassle to say the least and I’m sure a show stopper for most people.

We need something that can handle any video format you wanna throw at your big screen.

We need a better way to do sentimental streaming.

Because that content is way better than anything Hulu has to offer.