Putting on a computer, one sleeve at a time

The concept of having computers that are naturally worn on your body has been around for awhile. The MIT Media Lab has been doing very interesting work in this area.

I remember in the late 90’s at a holiday party my friends as a joke gave me a “gadget holster” to wear my phone and pda and whatever gadget I was using at the time.

While it’s been a concept for years, only a few products have really nailed it so far.

After trying several models, the Garmin Forerunner 305 has been the best for me for running. But even that product is rather big and bulky.

I’ve seen a few products that try to tie in solor panels on backpacks to power your cell phone or ipod when not in use. Clever but long way to go.

This NavJacket by O’Neill looks promising.

It integrates GPS, a protected LCD helps you navigate the slopes and find your friends on the slopes or what trail they took. (someone please tell Lauren that this would be a great xmas gift for me<g>).

I also love what FitBit is doing. And I think a very clever software engineer could do wonders with Bug.

For sure, this is a fun area to watch, I mean wear!