Still looking for a backup solution

Two years ago I wrote a post about backing up personal media on my old blog.

It’s funny to see what my needs were at the time.

-First of all bandwidth to my house has improved big time. I’m now getting 20Mbps up & down thanks to Verizon FIOS. At the time of my earlier post I was getting 5Mbps down and 2Mbps downstream.

-I still don’t need to backup the content on my DVR. Actually we use our DVR less and less as I’m streaming more stuff online these days to our big screen tv.

-my music collection has grown considerably but I’m listening to my local music less frequently too. Most of the time I listen to music online. So my backup needs have changed here. Eventually I probably won’t have to back up my music since it will be free and in the cloud (btw I can’t wait to try out the new imeem app on my G1).

-i store 100% of our home photos online now. everything is on flickr and tumblr. i trust that it’s being backed up properly. 

-I scan important documents and back them up to our server (with redundant storage) on the home network. I also scan the kids art projects & report cards. This is still the best scanner ever imho.

-I backup our family home videos to the same server. that library is about 100 gigs.

I do worry that if, god forbid, my house burns down or my server has multiple simultaneous hard disk failures, my home videos and will be lost.

So i’m searching for a big honking disk in the cloud for my home videos. I was thinking about Amazon S3 but I haven’t found an easy desktop client that makes it simple for our needs. I tried Mozy but I’m having problems. My friend Larry recommended SugarSync but the desktop software won’t let me backup data from our LAN (it seems to insist that all content reside on the same computer as their desktop app).

Maybe I’ll try FolderShare and keep a big disk at the office that will sync with my server at home.

Any & all suggestions welcome!