The new MacBook

I bought a MacBook Air when it first came out and ditched my MacBook Pro.

I thought it was the right thing to do because I’m traveling a ton and wanted something lighter. And my back appreciates the lighter load. Especially when I’m running around NYC or SF.

But there are tons of tradeoffs with this machine. The two big ones in my mind are

1. can’t swap out the battery in the macbook air

2. can’t connect the macbook air to a 30" Cinema Display

I’ve somehow gotten over the battery issue. But the inability to connect to my display at work makes life cumbersome. I have to sync files now between my work machine and my macbook air. It’s not easy and I’m always finding myself without some document or song or photo I need.

Today Apple announced a whole new MacBook line up.

And the new MacBook is small, thin and according to my friend, Chris Devers, it will work with my big monitor. Marco has also has interesting post on the new machines.

So it looks like I made a mistake buying my MacBook Air when I did.

It sometimes hurts to be an early adopter :)