What’s Your Tumblr Number?

JoeLaz is a clever soul. He figured out the numbering method for each Tumblr site.

via joelaz:

Tumblr assigns a sequential number to each site on their service.  The lower the number, the older the site.  To find your number, login to Tumblr, go to the Following Page, then click on the name of your site in the top right corner of the screen just below the “log out” link.  Now, look at the URL in your browser address bar and note the number at the end of the URL.  Mine looks like this:


That means JoeLaz.com was the 18,189th site created on Tumblr.  A total of 442,648 sites have been created to date.

So, what’s your Tumblr number?

This site, bijansabet.com is number 22,385.

David Karp’s number naturally is 1 :)

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what number you are. It really makes no difference. Tumblr is special because it’s simple, powerful and the one of the best online communities. There are no outsiders, newbies or some sort of social hierarchy in my mind. As an investor and user, I am really looking forward to check out number 1 million at some point in the near future.

If you look at the list of folks I follow on my tumblelog roll on the right side bar it is made of long time Tumblr users as well as people that just signed up recently.

I know that I’m just glad I made the switch last year and I’m never looked back.