My two new favorite iphone apps

I’m writing this post using a new iPhone app called Tumble. It’s free and you can get it now. So far I really like it a lot. You can’t browse the Dashboard but you can post using any data type and you can upload photos from the iPhone camera roll.

I’m also using a brilliant new iPhone app called Summizer. It’s a 3rd party app that is essentially Twitter Search. I use it to track trends and also to search @bijan. It’s like the old version of twitter track but now as an iPhone app. And I really like how it can save multiple search queries. This app isn’t free but I think it’s worth the price of admission.

Update: holy smokes, with all due respect to Tumble, I just tried to Tumblrette thanks to the tip from Jacob and it rocks! You can browse the Tumblr Dashboard and get access to other cool stuff like tags and advanced post options.