Random Friday thoughts

This is starting to become a regular weekly thing on this blog. Random friday thoughts.

But I’m sitting in the waiting room because my doctor is running late.

So I thought it would be good jot a few things down…

0. Friends are asking me if I like my Flip mino. That one is easy. Absolutely. It’s not HD of course but it’s easy, small and video works just fine for me. And we take it everywhere. I will do a detailed product review at some point if people want that.

1. I didn’t like the Blackberry Bold. One of my biggest gripes was the size. In my post I said RIM should have updated the Curve with the new materials and design instead of this sherman tank thing. It looks like they are doing that and its called the Javelin. Hmmm. Very interesting.

2. I have tried to put into words my feeling about the Palin choice and haven’t done a great job. This piece by Eve Ensler says it all. I encourage you to read it. And then read it again. And then forward it to all of your friends that are undecided or who have given up on voting. We need them!

3. I have high hopes for the iphone sw update later today.

4. Hodgman wins the funniest tweet of the week.