What are you going to be when you grow up?

I don’t know about you, but I really had no idea how to answer this question growing up. People start asking this question early on (my kids are already hearing it) and you continue hearing it into high school and throughout college if you end up going that route.

In high school I simply didn’t know what the choices were. I knew what my parents did (they both have the same professions). I kind’ve knew what my close friends parents did. I was thinking that there were probably 5-10 different careers I could figure out at some point.

The rule in our house growing up was this: study as hard as you can and you’ll figure it all out when the time is right.

By the end of college I guess you are supposed to have something in mind that synthesizes your passions and goals. Or maybe it’s simply just to earn a buck until you figure out what the heck you are going to do.

How do we expose kids to different options?

Last year, my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher asked the parents to come in and tell the kids what we do for a living. That was a lot of fun and interesting. And its a start.

How do we do the same or something better for high school students. How do we help them pick the best college. How do we help college students? With respect, I dont’ think the Career Planning office at BC helped me that much. (I hope Charlie & Path101 plays a role.)

That’s why this story is so interesting to me. It’s the story of the founder of MacRumors. He was a medical doctor and gave it up to follow his passion and his startup – MacRumors.com

My brother is a medical doctor too. And really busy between his work and family life. But he carves out time to pursue his passion. Photography. He’s created & cares for two websites. SeriousCompacts and CameraRumors.com. He didn’t learn about blogging, websites, photography in high school or college and certainly not in medical school.

My profession is a blend of the things I love to do. But I had no idea what venture capital was about growing up. I didn’t even know what it was in college.

Things are changing though. Thats for sure.

Kids & students today are born on the Internet. They are getting exposed to all sorts of interests and career possibilities. I discovered the other day that a 16 year high school student reblogged my Blackberry Bold post. I don’t know what he wants to do when he gets older but I’m guessing he’s thinking about more things that I did when I was his age.

I’m a few months away from turning 40.

And I’m still learning how to answer this question.