I just launched 2.0 a few moments ago.

It’s still very much powered & hosted by Tumblr.

But it has a new look and new functionality.

First, many thanks to Bill Israel for his creative and technical abilities. He’s simply a great guy and a big part of the Tumblr community. And as I’ve mentioned before, the Tumblr community is lucky to have him. Bill designed my new theme for me.

The new stuff:

-I now have search built in.

-Tumblr has supported tags for awhile but I never tagged my posts because my old theme didn’t display it. This new theme does so I’ll do my part.

-I’ve also got the dark gray background that I used to have on my old typepad blog.

-The navigation bar along the top is new. I’ve got a “Random” link which is fun.

-The “mobile” link brings you to a version of this site that is optimized for mobile. Actually all Tumblr sites support mobile out of the box by just adding /mobile to any tumblr site’s url. That is what this does too.

-The RSS feed remains unchanged.

And of course, I’ve got a new look & feel.

Welcome to my new site. Hope you like it!