Random thoughts of the day

Today is basically the end of summer. Kids go back to school tomorrow and my week is going to start with a trip to the west coast.

Few random things i’m thinking about:

0. Google is leading the way with open source consumer products. My friends Andy Rubin & Rich Miner’s Android is going to raise the bar in the mobile industry forever. I am very happy for them. Then there is Chrome. Wow.

1. My kids start school tomorrow. My oldest daughter is now a 4th grader. That is the earliest grade I can actually vividly remember from my childhood. That’s pretty neat & scary at the same time.

2. I’m re-doing my tumblelog design thanks to the talents of Bill Israel. I saw a draft of the design today and I’m excited about where this is going. Bill is an awesome designer and a great guy. His involvement in the Tumblr community is fantastic. The community is lucky to have him.

3. You can now embed an 8tracks player. btw, the 8tracks company blog is powered by Tumblr :)

4. Wondering if Twiller’s will catch on?