Introducing Tumblr Explore

The home page at Tumblr has evolved several times since the company was formed less than a year ago.

It started as a page with the basic info on what a tumblelog is and then asks for email and password and then presto – you have your own site.

The home page then evolved to include a number of new things like Tumblr Radar which are the most interesting & popular things amongst the hundred of thousands of Tumblr powered sites and it included various groups like – Staff Picks, Music, Art & Artists, Sweet Themes, etc.

Tumblr just released a new home and I absolutely love it.

For the person that isn’t a Tumblr user yet, the information is very clear on what Tumblr is and how to get started. Clean and straightforward.

But the coolest thing they launched is a new thing called Explore.

Tumblr Explore shows off the latest posts or you can navigate by color. Stunning.

Within Explore you can also check out Tumblrverse which shows off the latest tumblr posts around the world.

Then there is the music part of the home page where they have teamed up with the Hype Machine to show you what’s hot on the Tumbr and Hype Machine.

With all of this new stuff, they also managed to keep Tumblr Radar and the various directories and groups. And thank god I’m still in the Staff Picks :)

Take a look at Tumblr Explore. This post doesn’t do it justice.

Great job David & Marco !