Learning about mobile from my nephews

I have been on the beach in Delaware over the last few days.

So my blogging has been light. Actually yesterday, I didn’t post anything the whole day which was a first for me in a long time I think.

My in laws are down here and I’ve spent a bunch of time with 4 of my nephews. All of them are older than my kids. They range from ages 9 to 16. And watching and talking to them taught me a few things about mobile.

1. Holy freaking cow do these text a lot. I always knew this was the case but watching it first hand is incredible. They put to shame the most addicted VC & blackberry. It’s fast, furious and seemingly constant.

2. They know which of their friends use the same carrier or not. They care because “in network” text messages are free and out of network isn’t.

3. They know how to jailbreak their iPod touch.

4. They want a low cost iPhone

5. They don’t need 3G. They don’t even need data plans. They just need text plans

6. They take photos on their mobile phones. They either share them phone<->phone but rarely if ever does it go phone-to-web. and never web-to-mobile for photos. Seems like a big opportunity to offer the youth market a better way to privately and publicly share & store mobile photos. Just for them.

7. All of their parents have at one time or another paid a very large bill for text messages.

8. MySpace messages are losing out to text messages

9. IM is losing out to text messages.

10. My oldest child is 9 years old. Wondering when we will give her a mobile phone. still deciding that one.