After Muxtape

I miss Muxtape. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get Muxtape at first. I thought the UI was fantastic but I didn’t get how to navigate or discover.

Charles Forman told me awhile back that he would just open up 4-5 random muxtapes in the morning and then play and FF until he found tunes that he liked.

But then two things happened:

1. Muxfind came out which provided a great search engine for Muxtape

2. Muxtape added scrobbing so all of the music playback history was recorded in

After those two things, I was hooked.

But now it’s gone for now. Fortunately I never stopped using Hype Machine which is also integrated with & twitter. And I listen to songs from the folks I follow on Tumblr thanks to Streampad. Streampad isn’t yet integrated with but hopefully Dan has that on his todo list.

In the meantime, 8tracks seems to be getting a lot of attention. Here’s my first 8tracks mix. I like it. The best part is that I didn’t have to upload mp3s to create this mix but I had the option if I wanted to.

I wonder if I could create an 8tracks list from the people I follow on Tumblr.

Or what about a way to create a mix from my Tumblr tunes that could export and share with non-tumblr users.

Things to think about.