5 Thoughts about Y Combinator Demo Day in Cambridge

On Thursday, Y Combinator hosted their Demo Day. It’s the day that all of their startups that were recently funded come show what they have built over the last 2 months or so.

Scott Kirsner has a recap of the day and a quick summary of each company and a video as well.

Rather than offer my opinions on each company I came away with a few thoughts.

0. It was interesting to me that none of the companies were building facebook apps. I dont’ think the word myspace even came up. Several companies in the group were building stuff ontop of twitter including a news site. Real time news is perfect for Twitter and someone is going to crack that nut.

1. One of the companies is gunning for Tumblr. It’s called Posterous. I just don’t know how or why they could pick on something so cute.

2. The energy level in the group was amazing. THose entreprenuers were pumped. I found out that Paul Graham encourages each company to stop work for a week and practice, practice and practice their demo’s. It paid off.

3. Each demo/presentation was limited to 6-8 minutes. I loved that format.

4. Paul & Jessica are doing something important with Y Combinator and I’m glad they are doing it in Cambridge in addition to Mtn View. And I’m glad we are investors in IILWY which is a YC company. Our first one but probably not our last.