Taking Tumblr v4 for a drive

David & Marco released a test version of Tumblr v4 to the public today.

They are still making changes but decided to let users have an early look. And I know they have a lot of things in the product plan.

I’ve been using this version since last week. I really like where this is going.

Here are a couple of things that I like so far:

1. I like the new update bubble. This automatically changes as the number of new posts show up in your Tumblr dashboard.

2. Clean look. Everything about the new Tumblr Dashboard is cleaner. Less navigation elements. And if you author multiple tumbelogs it’s much easier to toggle between them.

3. Notification when you have new followers. In the previous versions of Tumblr you had to click on the “follower” page to see who was following your tumblelog. Now it’s built into the Dashboard. This is a screen grab of what it looks like:

4. Photos are bigger in the dashboard. They look beautiful.

5. There are two places to check if people reblogged your posts. You will see it in the actual post itself in the dashboard and it’s listed as “notes”. Click on the notes link and all of the folks that reblogged your post appear just like before.

But sometimes it’s easy to miss reblogs because you may forget about your posts and won’t check on a post you wrote last week for example. Now when anyone reblogs one of your posts it shows up in the timeline in the Dashboard like this:

Love to hear your thoughts about the new interface.