Random thoughts for today

Rather than a single post, I thought I would just jot down a bunch of random thoughts for today.

1. I love Shazam. Hold up your iphone to any audio source (radio) and it will tell you the song, artist & album info.

2. Fred thinks there should be a Shazam for photos. He’s right. Great idea.

3. Muxfind & Muxtape are like peanut butter & jelly. I’m using those two services much more than Last.fm these days. I find wonderful muxtapes every day just like this one.

4. I didn’t run this morning and now feel restless & antsy

5. I love the olympics

6. I’m thinking about buying the Flip Mino. My Sanyo Xacti is small and better video quality but too cumbersome.

7. California Supreme Courts weigh in on non-competes. They have it right. MA, NY, WA et al have it wrong.

8. Check out this amazing tumbelog. Simple lyric line with a mp3 post with a gorgeous design.

9. I read constantly but not enough books. I’m trying to change that. So based on a dear friends recommendation I’ve just signed up for GoodReads. It’s sort of like last.fm for books. If you love books then consider joining and add me as a friend.

10. Following @tinybuddha on Twitter