Three things that bug me about the iphone 3g

First off, I really like my iphone 3g. I’m glad I upgraded and haven’t touched my blackberry since my purchase.

But there are three things bugging me abou the iphone 3g (I can live with shortcomings that Thomas Hawk listed in his post today).

1. I use the browser all the time. But the browser has this limit of 8 open “pages” or tabs. If you click on a link in email and happen to have 8 pages open you will see this error message:

The workaround? Click OK, then you then have to launch the browser, close a page, go back to the email and then click on the link. Blech.

2. Can’t search email. This really hurts.

3. Software is slow. There seems to be a delay switching between apps. The 2.0.1 update helped out a lot especially with the address book but it’s still sluggish at times.