Random Thoughts

I don’t have a particular topic to share but a bunch of random things in my head so allow me to just jot them down in no particular order:

1. We saw The Dark Knight Last night. I really really liked it but my expectations were so high that I was let down. But only a little bit.

2. My 3g iphone has been flakey. Someone told me that the firmware that Apple shipped that ends in 345 isn’t the lastest one. So I backed up my iphone and did a restore and guess what. The OS now ends with version 347 in the iphone settings. Feels a bit more stable but address book search is dog shit slow.

3. I use Twitter search almost every day.

4. I’m reading Hacker News more than Techmeme lately

5. Fred has a great post today. Go read it if you want to learn more about venture fund economics. Made me think of a post I’ve been meaning to write about follow on investing & managing reserves for follow on rounds. I’ll do that soon.

6. The Yankees are bumming me out a little. I’m glad they won tonight but I felt better when they won 8 straight after the break.

7. When the market gets wonky, it’s a good time to keep your chin up. I see too much negativity in blogs these days. Not helping.

8. I went for a great run yesterday. I should have done the same today.

9. The photographs on Tumblr Radar are fantastic.

10. Enjoying reading the Audacity of Hope. I’m about 1/3 of the way thru it. I’ve got super high expectations for him and our country.